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I was born and grew up in a business family.

The inter-personal relationships that are at the core of most SME's are crucial to the understanding of how to further business in India. Myths - old and new revolve around family dynamics and find their way into most inter-personal relationships in an out of work contexts.

I was born, grew up and received my formal education in India. I worked there for fifteen years of my adult life and moved to Amsterdam eleven years ago. Like with most Indians, the everyday practice of living and working with diversity is second nature to me. This means negotiating subconsciously on a daily basis with people whose language, beliefs and values are radically different from one's own. These trainings, developed over the last couple of years are designed to arrive at insights into the foundations of what constitutes certain more common behaviour traits by Indians and help you communicate with Indian partners to further business more effectively.

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Nandini Bedi

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