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India is calling you.

With a population of over one billion, 65% of which is below the age of 35, and a GDP of 8% India is hard to avoid in today's reality.

Is there a method in the madness?

With that particular headshake, does an Indian mean yes, no or maybe? Or all of the three? India continues to baffle because of the paradoxes that are associated with what most Westerners see, experience and hear about it.


♦  Training and consultancy for working successfully with Indian partners and colleagues and for living in India

♦  Leadership training for managers, in which challenges on the intercultural level are used to get a grip on deeply ingrained patterns of bahaviour

♦  Family Training - in many situations, family members are more closley confronted with the local culture and have a greater need for inter-cultural training

♦  Living and working in the Netherlands - as a foreigner now at home in the Netherlands, I offer newcomers to the Netherlands insights and tips to help them settle down and understand the Duch business culture




Why getting to grips with Indian business culture is important for you:

♦   Ranked 8th among countries most frequently selected for international assignments

♦  Tied for 6th place among top countries emerging for international assignments.

♦  3rd among the top countries with the most difficulty for both international assignees and program managers.

♦  3rd among countries with the highest amount of assignment failure.

♦  For assignments/transfers inbound to India, the greatest challenge was cultural differences, noted by 50% of the respondents.

♦  For assignments/transfers outbound from India, cultural differences and spouse/partner employment were tied for the top challenge (both at 63%).

(The Brookfield Global Relocation Survey, 2014)

Nandini Bedi

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