Nandini Bedi

Inter-cultural Trainings on India

  You are thinking about working in/with India.

  But which India?

  There is no one India.

  The trainings I have to offer are tailor made to get your India to you.

  Anyone wishing to gain the best advantage in working relationships with Indian colleagues and partners.

  The are a combination of information modules and.

      ♦  Managers

      Geert Mak, (amongst others) recently said in an interview that Western hegemony is no more the way of the         world. There are more people living in Asia then anywhere else on earth. It's time to understand India better.

      ♦  Teams

      How can team members support each other to gain access to relevant information needed to improve partnership        with India? Peer teaching and support are powerful mediums to be brought at the fore during trainings.

      ♦  Partners

      How can your partner benefit from being in India? A closer look at what the possibilities are, and practical tips,        suggestions and contacts for the partner.

  Apart from those very specific concerns about "your India", the trainings revolve around the following   themes:

      ♦  Core values - Indian and Dutch. What are they and why it matters to spell these out

      ♦  Plan (Dutch style) and/or Go with the Flow (Indian style)

      ♦  It's the hierarchy S.....' caste, gender, class, education, city

      ♦  IST - Indian Stretchable Time and what to do with it

      ♦  Not playing Golf but still playing the game

      ♦  Getting to the heart of `ja zeggen, nee doen' and the great Indian head shake

      ♦  Dutch direct, Indian indirect? Re-thinking stereotypes about communication styles

      ♦  'Jugaad' - why the old Indian practice has made it to the management books

      ♦  Our corruption, their corruption

      ♦  Hinglish/Dinglish/English - Overcoming the language barrier


Nandini Bedi

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