Cross Cultural Competence

Local, global and everything in between

The challenge of ‘Culture’

We are increasingly living, working and communicating with people whose core cultural values are different to ours.

Why do I have to make small talk about things that don’t matter while there is so much that does matter and needs to be talked about?

This is so different from what I am used to.

Getting ready for permanent Change

The Greek philosopher Heraticlus introduced us to the idea that only change is permanent. He knew thousands of years ago what we know now.

Cultural blueprints, like everything else are open to adaptation once you recognize them.

Using core cultural values and how they manifest as a starting point, participants can explore how to boost their cross-cultural competence so as to enjoy interacting with immense diversity around them.

Concrete examples from the use of language and culture are the starting point of further exploration into one’s own cultural blueprints and their manifestations in everyday life.

An intake of your background, questions and points of focus will be taken beforehand.

Who benefits?

People who are confronted by the diversity of people, beliefs and value systems around them and are looking for a way to connect despite the challenges that diversity presents.

Language for the training


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