Getting you to ‘your India’

India’s growing visibility

With a population of over one billion, 65% of which is below the age of 35, in contrast to ageing populations in Europe, and a booming middle class greater than the population of Germany, India is hard to avoid in today’s reality.

The opportunities are boundless.

The challenge of Culture

With that particular headshake, does an Indian mean yes, no or maybe? Or all of three? India continues to baffle because of the paradoxes that are associated with what most Westerners see, experience and hear about it.

Getting ready for India

But which India? There is no one India.

The extreme diversity and paradoxes are not an inherent mystery of ‘exotic’ Indian culture and are better understood when they are looked at with the right tools.

The tools I have to offer are trainings and workshops for working successfully with and/or living in India to get you to ‘your’ India.

This training

  • will take you on an exploration of India with images and a presenter who will guide you thematically and give you the space space to add, ask and enjoy
  • is tailor-made to get you as close as possible to that India that concerns you
  • will give insights into those core values that underlie one’s culture and how these impact relationships and transactions that are crucial to success in India
  • include a focus on communication, English, time management, delegating amongst other relevant topics

Trainings for whom?

  • Managers, groups and teams

Geert Mak, (amongst others) recently said in an interview that Western hegemony is no more the way of the world. There are more people living in Asia then anywhere else on earth. It’s time to understand India better.

  • Partners

The happiness of the partner is crucial to a successful stay in India. A closer look at what the possibilities are, practical tips, suggestions and contacts.

  • Children

For a child the experience of such a vastly different place can feel like an adventure. The trainings are designed to stimulate the child’s imagination and fantasy. Older children will learn about their peers and the school system.

  • Individuals

You are planning to relocate for a short or long period and want to well prepared to meet the challenges before you.

Languages for the training

English and Dutch

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