The Netherlands – Gateway to Europe

‘More and more companies are looking into the Netherlands as their entry point into Europe’ – Jeroen Nijland (Foreign investment Commissioner)

The challenge of ‘culture’

When the boss, parents or teachers expect to be called by their first names, are they serious?

Why are there so many meetings?

The Dutch have a very different way of communicating, managing and relating to one another as compared even to their neighbours across the border in Belgium. ‘Internationals’ of all hues would understand the underlying foundations of Dutch culture and how these manifest in everyday interactions with exposure to a training ‘The Netherlands – Gateway to Europe’.

Every day more ‘internationals’ move to the Netherlands

You can expect

to go on an exploration of the Netherlands with images and a presenter who will guide you thematically and leave you with enough space to add, ask and enjoy.

These trainings

  • are tailor-made to get you as close as possible to your questions and queries about the Netherlands
  • give insights into those core values that underlie one’s culture and how these impact relationships and transactions that are crucial to success in the Netherlands
  • include a focus on communication, Learning Dutch, time management, self-regulation on the work floor, upbringing of children, amongst other relevant topics

Includes theoretical inputs from interculturalists like Hofstede, Trompenaar and Lewis.

Who benefits?

  • Individuals

You are planning to relocate for a short or long period and want to well prepared to meet the challenges before you.

  • Partners

The happiness of the partner is crucial to a successful stay in the Netherlands. A closer look at what the possibilities are, practical tips, suggestions and contacts.

  • Children

For a child the experience of such a vastly different place can feel like an adventure. The trainings are designed to stimulate the child’s imagination and fantasy. Older children will learn about their peers and the school system.

Language for the training


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