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the sky is not the limit

Dr. Ellen Bal, Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology, VU Amsterdam

As a native speaker and English language expert, Nandini has helped us add value to our research by providing editorial inputs for the stylistic enhancement of our texts without compromising the integrity of the draft text. She provides suggestions on how to improve the structure of the argument, extends the vocabulary used and ensures grammatical consistency and correct syntax. Last but not least, as a gifted writer herself, she improves readability by using lively, imaginative language.

Dr. Corina Tulbure, GRECS, University of Barcelona, Spain

I strongly recommend Nandini’s editing work, after the experience we have had working together. Not only she has helped me in improving my text from a stylistic point of view, but also in bringing clarity to it. She identified structures that made my text difficult to read and her comments helped me to shape my sentences and ideas

Bianca Pereiro, university law student

Nandini is a great teacher. I took some lessons with her to do the IELTS academic exam. She prepared all the classes according to my needs, always talking to me about my preparation for the exam and my expectations. Nandini helped me a lot to achieve a great performance on the exam.

Hannie Hupkes, member of the English literature course at the ‘Volksuniversiteit’ Leiden

Nandini Bedi heb ik leren kennen als een enthousiast en kundig docent. Haar keuze van te lezen boeken voor de cursus “Engelse literatuur” vind ik bijzonder interessant en verassend, omdat ze een keuze maakt uit in  het engels geschreven literatuur die ons tegenwoordig vanuit de hele wereld bereikt. Ze is een docent die volop deelneemt aan de discussie zodat er geen “cursus” maar een leeskring ontstaat.

Esther Janssen, Managing Director Culture-Inc.

Working with Nandini is a real pleasure every time around. She is a gifted speaker who opens upa the real India to outsiders. From her own experience she knows how to bridge the Dutch and Indian cultures. I wholeheartedly recommend her work and commitment.

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