Nandini Bedi

Communicate, Connect, Converse

I qualified with a Masters degree in English Language and Culture from the University of Amsterdam and a Master of Education from Leiden University.

With a CELTA diploma from Cambridge University, I am also a certified teacher of English as an additional language for adults.

Through teaching at Dutch and International schools and teaching adults outside the school context, I have not only gained experience but feel connected to different layers of society. This is deeply satisfying.

I am also fluent in Hindi and Dutch.

On this site, you will find out more about my services as an English teacher, and an intercultural trainer

To know what clients say about me, click here

For writing on intercultural themes, see my blog Taal Tale

My background

Ancient explorers braved storms and the possibility of a horrible death on the high seas in search of peppercorns native to India. One discovered America, another found the peppercorns he set out to get. The rest, as they say is history. Pepper is in our language and in our culture. It is in our daily food.

Like the peppercorn, I came from South India to the Netherlands and have blended in. Here in the Netherlands, my life has been enriched by the contact I have had with people who, like the adventurers of centuries ago, step out of their comfort zones to travel the world using language. The English language. And I am there to help to communicate, connect and converse.

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