Communicate, Connect, Create

On this site, you will find out more about my services as an English teacher and as an editor.

I feel enriched by the contact I have with people who, like the adventurers of centuries ago, step out of their comfort zones to conquer the world using the power of language.

And I am there to help to communicate, connect and create.

My first love is literature, though I greatly enjoy non fiction too. When the lines blur and when other art forms enter texts I find that very exciting as well!

Through teaching at Dutch and International schools and adults outside the school context, I have not only gained experience but feel connected to different layers of society. This is deeply satisfying.

I occasionally train Dutch people in business who work with Indians as well as expats in the Netherlands about cultural differences and how to bridge these. While these trainings have a serious purpose, they also provide an opportunity to be humorous about the crazy things we experience in finding ourselves on unfamiliar ground.

I am very curious about the stories we tell about who we are and about the world around us. Culture, in the broadest sense of the term fascinates me.

My love of English and of academia extends to working as an editor to help you create texts that communicate and connect to your audience.

On my blog Taal-Tale.com, I write about culture. The name for the blog comes from the Dutch word ‘taal’ (language) and the English word tale. It is the title I gave for a piece I wrote for a blog competition for the online magazine Expatica for which I won an award. In it I express my relationship to learning the Dutch language as a recent expat.

I support you in your ambitions to create awe with your English.

Professional qualifications

I qualified with a Masters degree in English Language and Culture from the University of Amsterdam and a Master of Education from Leiden University.

With a CELTA diploma from Cambridge University, I am also a certified teacher of English as an additional language for adults.

I am also fluent in Hindi and Dutch.

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