Copyediting academic texts

Are you a social scientist who is struggling to communicate your arguments? Here are possible reasons why:

  •  long sentences that cloud your ideas
  • tendency to fall back on your mother tongue
  • confusion about subject-verb agreement and tenses
  • vocabulary that is not varied enough
  • the use of the passive in place of the active voice

These, and other stylistic and grammatical choices and errors could compromise the readability of your texts, sow the seeds of confusion and reduce the impact that your academic contributions can have on your readership.

Are you an academic who wants your reader to keep turning pages?

Storytelling is as important to an academic text as argumentation. Using language that creates images and sounds in the mind of your reader brings your text to life.

With my love of storytelling and academia I can help you create texts that communicate and connect to your audience, and support you in creating texts you can be proud of.

I can also support you in writing precise and correct English.

Do our (academic) interests meet?

I enjoy Humanities and Social science research on (de)colonization, cross-cultural and regional studies,  migration, inclusion, and Asian Studies.

Contact me (details below) so I can support you to:

  • sharpen the arguments of your text
  • structure your paper, book or dissertation effectively
  • express yourself clearly and correctly in the word limit allotted
  • ensure that your text connects to your readers and creates the impact that you want
  • keeps your readers turning pages

How I work

I read through sections of the text, and dialogue with you about what I have perceived, given the purpose and audience of your text. We come to an understanding about what needs to be done to get it to the level you would like to see it at, and the time I would need to accomplish this. We formalise our decisions, and I get to work using track changes on Microsoft Word. You receive the document with my changes and get back to me if you have queries with regard to my edits and comments. We finalise the text.

I have three different rates for text editing, depending on what is required.

  • Light editing: this involves minimal intervention. My services are limited to ensuring consistency and correctness.
  • Medium editing: with this, there would be some interventions in use of language in addition to the points included in light editing.
  • Deep editing: here the interventions would be much greater, and include bringing the language to a higher level as well as making editing choices involving form and style.

And last but not least….pricing

It depends on the thesis/paper/ book/ project. The the case of the first two, I ususally charge an hourly rate that varies between 40 and 70 Euros an hour depending on the level of editing required. For books and longer texts or a series of texts, I charge a flat rate, which again varies depending on the tasks required.

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