English tutorials

You know English. You hear it everyday. You listen to songs, play games and look at videos or films regularly. You speak it. You write it. Maybe you sing in English as well. You use some awesome English words. However you think your English could do with an upgrade for school/university/ work.

Do you need support with reading, writing speaking or listening?

Or grammar?

Or vocabulary?

Or exam-training?

Or all of the above?

Want to know how I can help you ? Call 640312946 or send me an email – info[AT]nandinibedi.com

I have taught English language and literature at International and Dutch schools to students of all levels of secondary school. Presently I am a part time teacher, an external examiner for the International Baccalaureate – English Language and Literature, and give feedback to the students of Technical University of Eindhoven on their academic writing.

Procedure for Tutorials

Tutorials for you could take the form of:

  • a focus on the four skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well explanation of grammar and broadening of vocabulary.

  • preparation for exams

A (free) intake of about half an hour to decide on your level will help identify your requirements and your learning style. We will use the CEFR (link below) to get an idea of your level.

Central European Framework Reference

The intake, which will follow could be through a conversation in person or over the telephone, Skype or Zoom and/or an intake form.

A lesson at least every week of I or 1. 5
hours for a fixed period (to be decided based on requirements) is strongly

Some homework is to be expected.

Materials will be provided but in some cases, books may be needed and would be bought at your cost.

Cost – this would depend on whether we plan individual sessions, or a course.

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