Awesome English

Communicate, Connect, Converse

Tutorials to support students

Are you looking to upgrade your English to an awesome level? So you can excel academically, join university as well as enjoy communicating while you backpack around the world.

English for professionals

Do you want to ensure that you communicate with the right register and tone in your professional life? These lessons/courses will focus on formal, clear and correct written and spoken English and an awareness of intercultural nuances.

Deep editing of academic writing

Are you an academic and or a university student for whom clear lines of argumentation and precise language are crucial for communicating your research and findings? Deep editing of texts, articles and theses will sharpen your arguments and polish your language.

Literature and Film

Do you travel the world and experience characters and environments through your love of literature? Are you looking for a way to enhance this passion by sharing your ideas and listening to those of others?

A book club will keep you engrossed in literature, thinking and talking about books.

For film buffs and lovers of literature, by focussing on literature and studying films, we speculate and research what the directors, actors and technicians had in mind when interpreting a literary text.

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